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I kampen mod sclerose, udgør offentlig støtte kun 4% af vores indtægter. Din donation er afgørende!
I kampen mod sclerose, udgør offentlig støtte kun 4% af vores indtægter. Din donation er afgørende!
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About us in English

Since 1957, the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society has led the way in research, patient support and providing information on Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The Danish MS Society is a private disease combating organization that operates by means of collected funds. The organization owes much of its success to more than 60,000 members and donors - including 10,000 members with Multiple Sclerosis. Our organization also relies on more than a thousand volunteers who greatly contribute to the organization. We are responsible for the operation of two MS centers and a holiday center called 'Dronningens Ferieby' (The Queen's Holiday Village).
The Danish MS Society finances a big part of the research taking place in Denmark and is presently supporting 20 different national research projects. On an international level the organization is supporting the Sylvia Lawry Research Center in Munich. The Danish MS Society is a member of the international union of MS Societies: The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) and the European MS Platform (EMSP) and the Nordic MS Council (NMSC).
Another branch of our organization focuses exclusively on counseling. The counseling unit consists of social counselors, psychologists and a doctor who provide free counseling to persons with MS and their families. The Society's county chapters and clubs are spread all over the country and they arrange local activities for members and volunteers.
Providing people with information about Multiple Sclerosis is an important part of our work. Therefore, the Society publishes a magasine called 'MagaSinet'. Furthermore, we have our own website and produce pamphlets about the many aspects of MS. We also cooperate with the national health portal ''.
The Danish MS Society is a democratic organization. Its highest authority is the Council that consists of the county chapters' members, the main board, the Executive Committee and the President and Vice-president of the organization.
The members of the Danish MS Society are registered in Denmark's 98 municipalities and five regions. The main board consists of the chairman, the deputy chairman, the treasurer, five representatives of the five regions, five representatives from the five committees + one representative from the MS youth department.
This site is written in Danish. Contact us if us want to ask questions, you are more than welcome:
+45 3646 3646.
You can also try the Google Translator - but beware the translation isn't 100 % correct.
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